inspired by

the joy of discovery and exploration

based on the

practice of svadyaya — 




A sincere interest in quality and sustainable design extends to every aspect of Inherstudy's creations.

The creation of inherstudy jewelry is a mindful process of carefully selecting gemstones, historical findings; combining precious materials such as 14k gold or gold filled and 925 sterling silver, and piecing them together with an attention to detail and a sense of wonder. 


Established in 2010 by Josephine Vittoria, creator and designer of Inherstudy. The line is inspired by the joy of discovery and exploration; based on the practice of Svadyaya: inner/self study. Through her travels, Vittoria explored the richness of different lands and lifestyles. Her work as a yoga practitioner and teacher bestows her with discoveries about the human body and spirit. These experiences have influenced the way she understands herself and the world as well as the way she expresses herself creatively. Like her other pursuits, jewelry-making is a rewarding practice, enhancing her awareness and ability to concentrate, and making space for artistic expression.


Ultimately, whether it’s because a piece captured the light or because it captured your imagination — the essence is that it brings you joy.